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Du kan her læse om Afghanistan og de projekter, som DM-Aid har i landet.

In connection with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in July and August 2021, the Taliban have been on the move and conquered more and more cities, eventually taking over the capital Kabul. Chaos and fear reign and the humanitarian situation has quickly developed close to catastrophic, as many already poor and vulnerable people have traveled to the big cities in the hope of protection before the Taliban took over completely.

Our NGO partner Assalam Welfare Foundation has been present and providing relief since the beginning.

You can continue to support with an emergency aid package for DKK 200.

Most internally displaced people have not returned home, as it is too uncertain. Some live with family members, others live in schools and other public buildings and, unfortunately, there are also a large number who live in the open.

There is still a great need for food parcels and basic needs. DM-Aid helps in Kabul , Kandahar, Helmand, Kunar, Badakhshan, Takhar, Badghis, Kunduz and Uruzgan.


Orphans and vulnerable children

To get more young people into education and ensure that children do not have to go out and support families, you can sponsor a child. Due to extreme poverty, school is often not a priority for families, and therefore around 1/3 of children in Afghanistan work from a young age to help support the family. But as a sponsor, you can change a child’s future, because you help give a child education, food on the table and clothes on the body. The money also benefits the siblings and the guardian(s). To read more and/or become a sponsor click here